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A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Walk!

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day and we did a very long walk along the section of trail known as the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. At one time an electric trolley made the trip from Albany through Renselear to Hudson and had over 1 Million passengers per year in the early 1900's. This 9.25 mile journey took Marge, Ronan, Olive and myself through the most beautiful scenery and interesting places we have seen over the past two months. Bernadette and Kevin joined us along the way. We met Tim and Julie walking Rocky on the trail and when we finished up we met Darla and her friends in the town of Kinderhook. We past at least 5 different waterfalls which in the past supplied the energy for the trolley and for several textile and paper mills. I snapped a quick picture of a falcon who's owner was taking him out for some exercise and we came across a farm with a lot of sad looking cows who were looking a little concerned with their future! I need to take the next few days off to run down to Delaware. When I get back we will have two more long days of 11 and 10 miles and then we will do the grand finale lap of 3.5 miles into Albany and to the New York State Capitol. We are close to finishing up and I am hopeful we can exceed $20,000 raised for Feeding America.


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