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A One Day Record!

Olive and I covered 9.25 miles today, from Rosendale to South Kingston. This is the most we have walked in one day and the conditions were less than optimal. We had sections where 3-4 inches of ice and snow were melting, making for a slippery, wet trail. Parts were nice and dry and it is intriguing how the trail varies from mile to mile even yard to yard. We also had a strange phenomenon where in mid 60 degree, sunny weather, we would suddenly feel tremendous cold blasts of air coming off stony caves and streams. The walk was very interesting. The Shawangunk Mountains were a half mile to the west, and we were near a popular attraction called Mohonk. We passed over a high trestle bridge in Rosendale and came across the remains of an old iron works and an old cement factory that used the deep caves in the region for natural cement mining! The stone buildings were awesome with deep caverns and real tall chimneys for blast furnaces were sprinkled along the way. At one point we needed Dorothy's Scarecrow to tell us where to go because the trail went DADDAWAY! A women's studio workshop took up one street along with a painting of a pink lady telling us to Trust Our Ancestors! And we got mile marker 19 for Brother Brian! We were pooped when we finished the walk but it was a gorgeous day and we were thrilled to make it to the outskirts of Kingston. Tomorrow we walk the streets and sidewalks of Kingston City and then we have some homework to do on the next leg of the journey. We surpassed $17,000 dollars and we have 117 donors or pledgers to date. Thank you all so very much.


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