• jimmymack1013

A Short Walk with Z-Man!

The journey continued today with a 3 mile walk from Ardsley to Elmsford. I had the pleasure of walking with my B-I-L Davey Z who had knee surgery only a short 6 weeks ago. Trudging through 15 inches of snow made my knees hurt but the Z-man did fine! Not too much scenery along the way, but we did catch our first shots of deer on the trail and we met Pedro from Burger King. We thought he might be bringing us a few Whoppers but he had other plans! A few peaceful brooks, some graffiti and of course, the DFG backpack made the journey with us. Hoping for good weather tomorrow and the company of my lovely wife, Olive. We will have an ambitious target, 7.5 miles to Pleasantville. 32 miles done, 168 to go! Closing in on $15,000 of donations and pledges - so grateful!


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