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A Special Day as we Cross the Half Way Point!

I have enjoyed walking every mile of our journey from the bottom of Manhattan to the middle of Dutchess County. But today was a very special day on the trail. My daughter Meghan and my son-in-law Seth, brought three of my precious granddaughters to walk with Grandpa Jim Jim, Auntie Olive, Aunt Marge and Uncle Ronan as we walked across the Walkway over the Hudson, crossing the halfway point on our way to Albany! It was a beautiful day, with a cloudless blue sky and a light wind and I was surprised to see so many people walking along the trail. We met Scot and friends early in our walk, and Andy and his pup Mable stopped to chat for a while. We met the kids at the bridge and we were also joined by our friend Arlene, who has been very supportive of our cause. It was wonderful to have the little ones along, Charlotte is the big girl, Hannah is the middle girl, and Sweet Caroline is the baby, with her foot in a walking boot and a big smile on her face. The girls did great, walking almost three miles back and forth over the walkway. We celebrated this special day with a nice lunch at Mill House Brewing Company and snuck in a early birthday cake for Char! I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life and certainly my girls and my grandchildren are very special to me. Now, we move on to the other side of the river. I don't know this territory at all and I am looking forward to new adventures as we take on the second half of our walk to Feed America on the Empire State Trail.


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