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A Windy Walk to Pawling

This is the first of two Blog posts, one for yesterday and one for today. Yesterday was a beautiful day with bright blue skies and lots of sunshine. It was cold, with temperatures in the 20s and a west wind coming right into my face at 30 mph! I walked 4.7 miles from Holmes to the quaint little town of Pawling. The town is a throw back to a kinder, gentler time in our world, with charming streets and stores, a few wonderful restaurants, a yarn shop and one of my favorite book stores. I passed by Whaley Lake, where my good friend Doug once kept his boat. The lake reminded me of lazy summer days on the water with Doug and a twelve back of beer. The trail was snow covered in places, but I was fortunate to walk a stretch of two miles on clear pavement. Ronan likes local flavor in the Blog so I took a few shots of my favorite stores and restaurants, including McKinney and Doyle, a landmark in Pawling where Olive will be buying me brunch as she lost the wager!


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