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An Interesting Walk through Bard College and meeting Eleanor Roosevelt!

Today's 9 mile walk took us on multiple surfaces and across much scenery and history. We are on what is considered an "on-road" part of the Empire State Trail so the first few miles were along a country road lined with farms, big houses, old churches and lots of wooded acres. We walked a nice path through Bard College, then on sidewalks through the little town of Tivoli and then the last miles were done through the Red Hook Nature Preserve. It made for an interesting walk. Bard College is a private liberal arts college that overlooks the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains. It is part of an area considered a National Landmark. The campus sprawls for miles and it was a mixture of old and new buildings. The Town of Tivoli didn't over too much but we did come across Eleanor Roosevelt and were lucky to get a photo with the wife of President FDR. Ronan and I wrapped up the day by meeting Doug in a bar in Beacon for a beer. Tomorrow is more on road and we will soon round third base and head for home - or Albany in this case!

Children struggling with hunger come from families who

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Children facing hunger tend to grow up in a family where a parent or parents also face hunger.

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