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Yesterday, February 8th, we began our 200 mile journey from Battery Park at the bottom of New York City to Albany, New York State's capitol. It was a cold but beautiful day, with plenty of sunshine and little wind. Much to our surprise, the trails in the city were mostly clear with only a few icy and snowy spots. We had on our heavy boots and still managed to cover 8.5 miles! Kudos to my lovely wife Olive for her company on the first day of the walk and to my brother-in-law Ronan who was both our photographer and chauffeur along the way! Enjoy the videos and pictures below of the Big Apple. It is snowing again today so I will wait until tomorrow to get back on the trail with the goal being to complete the trail in NYC and move on to DA BRONX!!! Stay tuned. We are over $13,000 in donations and pledges!


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