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Brother Brian joins the team in Mahopac

I was fortunate to have my brother Brian's company as we walked 7 tough miles from Baldwin Place into Mahopac. Ronan followed by car and did most of the photography and filming. We met a friend by the name of Rob Casti who was kind enough to trample down some of the snow along the trail. Mahopac is a quaint town combining nice scenery, thriving businesses and some local history. Putnam Trailway hosts a number of former train stations, one named after the Craft family, and Mahopac was also home to a number of hotels in the late 1800s that pampered the wealthy that road the train line up from NYC. Sybil Ludington was the Paul Revere of this area, warning the colonists of the approaching British army. We saw a Giant fan's bus, a charming wooden duck wearing a Covid mask and we walked a number of bridges along the trail. Today and tomorrow are days off to visit the grandkids and attend a family wedding. Weather permitting, we'll be back on the trail on Sunday, making our way from Mahopac to Brewster. Hopefully, by then the snow will be gone and I'll be walking in my sneakers!


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