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Do You Know a Horse's Ass from a Donkey?

The Empire State Trail is a series of local trails linked together. Today we embarked upon the Maybrook Trail which will run into Dutchess County, up to Pawling, across Stormville (where we live) and then into Hopewell Junction. We did most of our training on this trail so it is very familiar. Today Brian and I walked 8.3 miles and Ronan tagged along taking videos and photographs. The trail is still very icy and we walked the last few miles in six or seven inches of snow. I can't wait to walk on the pavement again! Lots more scenic lakes, horse farms, waterfalls, and bridges fill this area of NY State. We came across a die hard Trump horse farm and we passed a farm with sheep, goats and two donkeys - or maybe they were horses??? Not sure! Let me know what you think! We have appointed Brian our Chief Scout as he is way out in front and can find the best places to step through the slush and snow - and he's way too fast for me and this old man can't keep up! Think we will do just short journey tomorrow as we turn back west towards Poughkeepsie. Over one hundred donors and pledges. $16,000 pretty soon! Thank you!


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