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Goodbye Winter!

We have been walking the Empire State Trail to Feed America since early February and we have walked in as much as 18 inches of snow, a foot of slush, inches of slippery ice and in cold, cold temperatures and gusty winds. Today, the last day of winter was bitter cold with a 35 mile an hour wind in our faces. But today is the last day of winter and we have a long stretch of warm, comfortable weather over the next few weeks. Thank God! Today Brian and I walked 7.5 miles from the top of Germantown into Olana. It was somewhat uneventful as we walked along quiet country roads. We saw a few churches, plenty of apple trees, met a few cows, saw the obligatory fire station and found a piece of art made with all of Ronan's empty Bud Light bottles! We finished walking marveling at the beauty of the Catskill Mountains in the distance across the Hudson. We have ambitious plans for the weekend, hoping to cover 29 miles over the next three days. That will get us within striking distance of the Capitol! We are over $18,500 raised and we have 124 people donating or pledging. Thanks to all of you!

I wanted to share a nice piece of recognition the team received from Feeding America. As the letter below states, we have exceeded $10,000 in donation received and we have an additional $8,550 in pledges which hopefully will be paid when we complete the 200 miles journey. Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.


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