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Hudson with my Sisters!

Ronan and I did most of the walking but it was a real pleasure to have two of my lovely sisters meet up with us in the wonderful town of Hudson. Eileen and Marge walked the town doing a little shopping and sipping while Ronan and I clicked off 8 miles from Olana through Hudson. Hudson is a really great city and I would encourage anyone to spend an afternoon in this chic, cool place. This was the last of the "on-road" segments so it will be great to walk the last 30 miles before Albany on the wooded, scenic trails. I left my phone in the car so there is no map for yesterday's walk and Ronan was the roving photographer for the day. The journey took us a long a busy Route 23B, through Hudson and then on the outskirts of Hudson where we found a Home for old Volunteer Fireman that looked very nice. A beautiful park overlooks the Hudson River and was a nice place to stop. We finished up with the girls in a place called Lawrence Park that had great food and tasty beer and wine. Most of the photos are from the town and I hope you enjoy them.


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