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Meet Diane Stimson!

You know the lovely blond lady in the first picture below, my darling wife Olive! The other lovely lady is our good friend Diane Stimson. Without Diane's expert assistance, this fundraiser would not be anywhere near as successful. Diane is an accomplished Graphic Artist and created our wonderful logo for Feeding America on the Empire State Trail and she did all the work to set up this Blog and she did a fantastic job. Any issues with the payment process on the Blog were my errors and I think as of today we have them fixed. Diane is also the ABSOLUTE BEST PASTRY CHEF this side of The Atlantic and if you try her Whiskey Cake I guarantee you will be hooked on this manna from heaven! Diane walked with Olive, Ronan and myself from New Paltz to the outskirts of Rosendale. The trail was a little snowy, icy, muddy and waterlogged as the warm temperatures caused a much need thawing. We worked our way through a long stretch of countryside, full of budding woods, old bridges and the Walkill River. We came across a distillery, some angry hogs (Ronan told them a dirty joke!) and we made our way back to our favorite Irish Pub - GARVAN'S!!! Suzzanah stopped by to say hello and applaud our efforts to fight hunger. We indulged on savory soups, stuffed mushrooms, a delicious lamb stew and a most delicious Banoffee Pie - which you have to try! Garvan himself, a great supporter Feeding America, chatted us up for a bit and his warmth and hospitality reminded of us why we love this place so much. It's on Huguenot Street in New Paltz - give it a try. Onward tomorrow for 8 miles to South Kingston. We are getting with in shouting distance of Albany and we have crossed the $17,000 mark in donations and pledges! God Bless!

T-shirts and hats donated separately for the cause. All Food and Beverage is paid for by trail participants. All money donated goes directly to Feeding America.


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