• jimmymack1013

New York, New York!!!

We had a blast today walking the last few miles in Manhattan and the crossing over into the Bronx! Ronan joined me for the walk - you can see him limbering up with a pre-game cigarette! Great sites along the Hudson. Never new there was a little red lighthouse under the GW Bridge! We had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and Anne who were kindly cleaning the snow. off the trail. The murky river below separates the two boroughs of NY!

Donations and Pledges are at $13,350!! Keep spreading the news! You want to be a part of it - Feeding America! Will put up some of yesterday and today's pictures - enjoy. We've gone 17 miles and will try to get from Van Cortland Park in the Bronx up to Hastings in Westchester tomorrow or Friday - weather permitting!


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