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Next Shave in Albany!

Looking at the Blog updates, enquiring minds want to know! When is this guy going to shave? Well, just like the hockey players in the NHL, when playoff time rolls around, they don't shave until the season is over! So my next shave will be when the journey is done - in Albany!!!!

The snow is starting to melt so it was a slushy 5 1/2 miles from Yorktown Heights to Baldwin Place. In addition to the soggy terrain, a steady elevation rose 500 feet over the miles travelled. There are many beautiful homes in the Somers, Baldwin Place area, some with private access to the Empire State Trail. A beautiful horse farm reminded me of Tara from Gone With the Wind. Thanks to brother Brian for chauffeur duties today and I am looking forward to having him join me on the trail tomorrow. 50 miles done, a quarter of our journey accomplished. Closing in on 100 donors and $16,000 raised in donations and pledges. Keep those cards and letters coming!


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