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Now That's More Like It!!!

Today, Brian and I had the pleasure to walk all eight plus miles of our journey on a clean, dry trail without a bit of snow or ice! After a month of walking in difficult conditions it was great to be able to walk at a good pace and enjoy the scenery and sites along the way. We went from the Ulster County side of the Walkway over the Hudson to the quaint town of New Paltz, which boasts a SUNY campus and lots of American History. The trail offered more views of woodlands, creeks and ponds, old bridges and an interesting Fitness Course sponsored by the Highland Rotary Club. Once we made it to New Paltz, old, old houses, historical churches and cemeteries, a wigwam, more than a few pubs and an erotic dancing club lined the streets. Close by the trail, Huguenot Street is a virtual walk back in time for three centuries telling the story of the French Protestants that came to our country to find religious freedom. The cemetery was so old most of the tombstones were illegible. It was a most enjoyable two and a half hour stroll and we rewarded ourselves with a few excellent pints of Guinness at Garvan's, one of our favorite Irish pubs in the area. Tara was kind enough to snap some photos and told us she will soon take off on her own adventure, riding her bike on the Empire State Trail from Albany to Buffalo! Good Luck Tara. Tomorrow we start towards Kingston in more great weather and hopefully more clear trail.


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