• jimmymack1013

The Girl's a Trooper!

It was a warm, beautiful afternoon for a nice leisurely stroll but we had anything but that! 7.5 miles through ten or twelve inches of snow, slush, ice and water proved to be a backbreaker. We literally had ice cubes in our boots when we finally made it to the finish line. Davey Z was there to send us off and Ronan hiked the first mile but surrendered to some cranky ankles. Olive and I soldiered on and the girl really was a trooper. She nearly carried me the last mile! Not a whole lot of scenery to photograph especially when your eyes are focused on the ground looking for the best place to land your boot. I saw a sign for Albany but I know it's still a long way off!! Take a look at Olive's foot, stained blue from her boot and the ice and water sloshing around. We may need a

few days off and more snow coming on Thursday! 39 miles done, 161 to go, nearly $15,000 raised between donations and pledges. Thanks to all - keep it going.


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