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The Journey is Complete and we are Over $20,000!!!

Yesterday was a truly great day I will remember for a very long time! Our team walked the final three and a half miles into Albany and to the State Capitol Building. We competed our journey on the Empire State Trail from the bottom of Manhattan to Albany and we surpassed $20,000 in donations and pledges for Feeding America! It was quite a team for the final day - Olive, Brian and Kieran, Marge and Ronan, Moe and Dave, Diane, my daughter Katie and grandson Gennaro (G!) and myself enjoyed the short walk from Greenbush to the Corning Preserve on the Hudson and then up to the Capitol. We made a hot dog stop along the way, soaked up the scenery along the river and finished the day with a wonderful celebration at the Albany Pump Station. We began the journey on February 8th at Battery Park in NYC. We walked for 31 days, averaging almost 7 miles per day. We walked in snow, sleet, ice, rain, wind and sunshine. I took 418,550 steps! We drove almost 2500 miles going back and forth to pick up the trail where we left off the previous day. We learned lots about New York State history and culture and visited so many quaint towns and villages like New Paltz, Kinderhook, Hudson and Chatham. We didn't count the number of beers consumed along the way but there were quite a few. I want to thank everyone who supported our efforts, made donations, visited our Blog, sent encouraging emails, Facebook posts, etc. The Blog has been visited 1798 times and counting! To all the walkers - those mentioned above plus Meg, Seth, Charlotte, Hannah, Caroline, Blackie and Linda, Kellie, Patrick and Frankie, Bernadette and Kevin, Brother John, Bill Hinch, and those who walked with us in spirit - Well Done, Well Done, Well Done. It has been a remarkable experience and I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of you all. I will continue to update the Blog periodically as more donations come in. Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone. Next stop - Buffalo?????? (Ha Ha!)


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