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We Are on the Three Yard Line!!!

Brian and I walked a new record 11.25 miles yesterday which brought us within sight of the Albany skyline. We have three miles left which we will do tomorrow with a large cast of family and friends to celebrate completing our journey from Battery Park at the bottom of NYC to the Capitol Building in Albany! We have reached $19,450 in donations and pledges and I am confident that number will continue to grow. Through your generosity, we are providing a great number of meals to the hungry of our nation.

It was a cold blustery day, and we walked face first into a 30 mph wind and for a while the wind was accompanied by snow and hail. As the walk progressed, the sun came out but the wind never let down. We started the walk in Nassau where they still haven't taken down the Christmas tree at the trailhead. Walking along the AHET, I was surprised to find the home of Elsie the Cow - remember her? Brian was happy to find some "downhill" road as we seem to have walked uphill for most of the way. Many American flags were flying, always a wonderful sight, and we passed a highway sign showing Albany was 4 miles away and we did another mile and a half passed that. Brother Doug waiting for us in the parking lot was a welcome sight, as was a creamy Guiness at the bar. Really looking forward to finishing up tomorrow. It has been a wonderful journey.


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