• jimmymack1013

We're Drawing a Crowd!

My daughter Katie is starting to call me Forrest Gump! She says between the beard and people coming out to walk along the trail with me, I'm turning into Forrest! Today was a most enjoyable walk along the Empire State Trail through Putnam County and we had a great group of folks walking along. Brother Brian joined Olive and myself for the almost 7 mile walk and half way there, we were blessed with the company of Bernadette and Kevin Caliento and Bill Hinch! This area of Putnam County boasts a number of beautiful lakes, we went through the village of Brewster and saw a touching memorial to fallen fire fighters, we came across some graffiti and even a junkyard! Olive took a video of some squawking geese, Kevin fooled us with a closed Trailway and we had our first lost detour! But all ended well at Tilly Foster Farm where Colleen took wonderful care of the crew and George the cook put out a delicious

feast. We have walked 65 miles and will move into Dutchess County tomorrow. More importantly, we have gone over 100 donors/pledgers and we are very near $16,000 raised for Feeding America!


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